Wait Till You See Who is Holding the OTHER Light Saber!


Hi Lovlies!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope your weekend was smashing.  Thank you to everyone who logged in online for my stageit.com show!  We sold it out and I'll be doing another one in about 3 weeks.  So if you missed it, come to the next one, I've got donuts, a speed round and some incredibly sexy special guest performers.  (How do you eat donuts through a computer you ask?  You'll see.)


I'm playing in Denver This Friday, April 11th at the rad and beautiful theater, Swallow Hill.  Hurry and get your tickets now as this venue sells out every time I play!   Plus, it's an ALL AGES show, so you can bring your parents, kids.  :)

 (Click Here For Tix!)

I'll be joined by my pal and amazing artist, Aussie chanteuse, Katie Cole

Tour Dates!

I've got more tour dates being added daily including East Coast dates soon! Go to ninastorey.com for more info!

Aaannnddd....As you can see from the image above, it's another still from my music video shoot.   We are slating to release it early summer, but well, I don't want to brag, but let's just say, I can't confirm if anyone from the Dark Side was injured during the filming.

Lastly, here's a little song and video to start your week off right. Here's "Love Me Enough".   Watch it and you can practice getting your clap on. 

As always, thank you for your tremendous support.

Love Love Love Love Live!



Concerts, Cronuts and .... Flying Kittens??!!

Hi Lovlies!  

Happy Friday!  I have a new found love of kale and all things raw and green.  But every once in a while, doesn't a donut just seem like the best decision.  ever.?


First off, my song, "Enjoy The View" that I wrote with the amazing Jannie Storey, got picked by the ABC TV Show, "The View" as a Finalist, finalist in their, "Write A New Theme Song" contest and it aired again on their show this Monday!   So while I didn't win the big prize, I am excited to have been recognized for my song.  Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word.  You guys are awesome.

Next, SXSW was so much fun!  The shows went great and I discovered some great new acts as well from all over the world.   Go go Canadian music! 

New Tour Dates!!!!!

I've got another great show ALL AGES this Saturday in Venice California at Witzend (click here for tix!) as well as a BIG STUPENDOUS SHOW APRIL 11th IN DENVER at SWALLOW HILL! (click here for tix!) 

I'll be joined by my pal and amazing artist, Aussie chanteuse, Katie Cole. You ready to rumble all my little Swallowhillheads?

I've added more tour dates including shows in Orange County, Monterey, back to Texas and NY too, so check out my tour dates for more information. 

Lastly, here's a little song and video for your Friday.   I love you guys!




Hi Lovlies!

I hope your weekend was amazing!   It's been a while since my last blog, as I was blechy sick for the month of January.  But I hit the ground running on the 31st and shot my new music video for my song, "Waiting For Love"!

I am INSANELY EXCITED about this!   I'll be posting behind the scenes footage and such soon, but in the mean time, I've got 3 more shows to announce, including one this coming Monday the 10th in Los Angeles!

Also, I'll be back in Colorado for a show at Swallow Hill in April!

I hope you all have a beautiful week and stay warm and happy wherever you are!

Love Love Love Love Live!

~ Nina

What a Year!!


Hi Lovlies!  

Happy Thursday! I hope your holiday season is going beautifully and that you are able to spend time with the ones you love.

Thank You... 

It's been an incredible year of new music, new friends and new adventures. You have been so supportive of my journey and I am truly grateful for every single one of you. 

Thank you for believing that music makes your life better and for allowing me to share what I love so much with you.

I aspire always to give more of myself, than I can even imagine possible. So please know that I'll keep striving to make music and art that surprises, excites and moves me as I hope it will you. 

Thank you.



But before 2014 ....


***** LAST SHOW OF 2013!!!!!

My last show of 2013 is on New Year's Eve, in Denver, Colorado at The Soiled Dove and I would positively LOVE to ring in the New Year with all of YOU!

I've got some amazing guests, a fantastic band, plus I'll be giving away, some special personalized gifts from me.   Aw yeah. 

And for you out of towners, when you buy show tickets, you get discounts on hotels in the area!    So we shall all party like a rock star. 

Click Here For Tickets To Awesome Town.  (Where's that, you say?  The Soiled Dove baby!)


***Music Video News!!!!!

Pre-production for my New Music Video is in full swing, as we shoot in January.  Waka Waka!  (I'm doing the Snoopy Dance right this minute.)  Hold on to your hats when you see who's in it.



I thought I would include a video for a song I released at the beginning of 2013 celebrating the New Year.  It's called, "All Tied Up" and I hope it makes you feel sassy all day long. 

Shows... Videos and Oreos??


Hi Lovlies!  

Everyone still have all their teeth after Halloween? If you don't know this about me, know that my love of sugar is of epic proportions. Oddly enough, I did not eat anything remotely sweet on the holiday. Whaaa? Weird, I know. It's all those kale smoothies I'm making.

Anyhoo, I wanted to let you know about new tour dates, online concerts, music video news and more!


I'll be playing in Venice, CA, Friday the 15th at Witzend with my full band and will be debuting new music, including a song I wrote with the amazing, American Idol finalist, Casey Abrams! Click Here For Tix to this ALL AGES SHOW! 

*New Year's Eve in Colorado!  

Yippie Skippie!!!!! I'll be playing at The Soiled Dove with my fantastic band and the first 50 people to get tix, get a special personalized gift from me! Click Here For Tix!

*Online Concert!

This will be my first ever Stageit.com live concert, Sunday, November 24th, where you can tune in to see me play from the cozy comfort of your home.  (Snuggies are encouraged.)   I'll be interacting with the fans during the show, and taking song requests, so come be a part of my musical community!  Click Here To Get Tix  (ps-bc it's my first online concert tix will be a steal!  woo woo!)

Music Video News!

I am officially in production preparing for the shoot of my next Official Music Video!  Not that there isn't merit in my home-made videos using only my iPhone, bubble gum and a roll of duct tape, but this next video, will be fully produced by an amazing director, Daud Sani.    We shoot in about a month, so keep an eye out for updates, behind the scenes footage and more.

Lastly, I want to share with you a video I just recorded based on a song I heard on a new Nike Commercial.

It's called, "My Shoes", by John Legend.  

Have a fantastic day.  You guys always inspire me to be my best.

Thank you always for your support!

Love Love Love Love Live,


music... shows...videos... holy moly!

Witzend Nov. 15 Poster.jpg

Hi Lovlies!! 

I hope your week is going swimmingly!

I've been very fortunate to be making music with some incredible artists lately and I thought I'd share some new music videos with you!

Here is me singing with my friend, and fantastic singer, Melissa Polinar, a song we wrote together that is the first single on her new CD, called, "Happy".  


And here's a video I was part of for my friend and American Idol contestant, the amazing, Casey Abrams. It's called, "Stuck In London".   


Casey and I just wrote a song together called, "Give Away", and I'll be posting the live performance of that soooooon!   So stay tuned!

News!  News!  News!  News!  News!

*Just announced, I'll be playing in Colorado on New Year's Eve at The Soiled Dove, so get your tickets early, as the first 50 tickets sold will be getting something extra special from me that night!

*I'm also preparing to do my first online concert with STAGEIT.COM and so if you're in Detroit, Chicago, Spain, or Hawaii, you can watch it!   It's happening in 3 weeks and I'll be posting details at the end of the week!  Yippie Skippie!!!!!!!!!

*Lastly, I've got a Big Yummy Show coming up Friday, November 15th in Venice California, at Witzend so if you're in the area, come on out to play with me!  

I'm wishing you all a really wonderful week.   Give each other hugs from me!

Love Love Love Love Live!

- Nina


Therrrrrrrr GREAT!


Hi Lovlies! I hope your week is going fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the shows this September, they were so fantastic!  I'm excited to head back East again and will be announcing more tour dates soon!

Here's some exciting news for you guys! 

Keep an eye out for the Kellogg's commercial, "Size Sassy" as I'm singing in it! Yay! "We're gonna have a good day!" It's a lovely way to start your day, hooray for Kellogg's!

Next, I just released a new video on Youtube for my song, "Strangely Optimistic" so be sure to head to my YouTube  channel and check it out!!! youtube.com/ninastorey

Check it out and have a fantastic week!

Love Love Love Love Live! - Nina


I'm taking over NYC... Watch out King Kong!!

Hi Lovlies!

I hope your summer is kicking arse!  Ouch!

Here's news and a list of upcoming summer tour dates for you!

Summer Tour!

The summer touring has been going great and I've got more shows coming up!

This Wednesday the 17th in San Diego@LeStat's - (it's during Comic Con, so I'm dressing as either a Wookie or Wolverine, thoughts?)

Sat, July 20th, Ponderay Idaho Ampitheater (it's near Spokanne!) All AGES!

Thursday, July 25th Brooklyn at Pete's Candy Store  10pm  YUM!

Friday, July 26th NYC East Village, Rockwood Music Hall 6 pm

I've got more tour dates in August, plus exciting News!!!!!  So keep your sunscreen on and come on out to a show soon!   

Lastly, thanks so much to everyone for coming out to the shows so far this month.  It's been a blast and you've all been impressing me with your fancy dancey moves.  We staved off the rain for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival woo hoo! And had (literally) peeps dancing in the streets.  Yeowza!  

I had so much fun at my recent Roxy show with The Young Dubliners and Brother Sal, I can't wait to get my jig on again soon!

Oh and one more thing, last week, I was invited to be a guest vocal instructor at the LA Girls Rock Camp and lemme just tell you, it was AMAZING!  It's led by some incredibly talented women and getting to work with the volunteers and awesome girls was truly an inspiring experience.   So thanks so much Rock Camp LA for having me!  You are making the world a more just and rockin' place for us all!

Oh and I am soooo excited to show you my Summer Tour Movie Trailer!!! Check it out below!!! 

Love Love Love Love Live!


Guess What??!!

Hi Lovlies,

I hope your weekend was fantastic and you were able to spend some time with people you love.

It seems in this topsy turvy world there are so many difficult things that we can encounter as well as truly beautiful things and I hope for you all that you get far more beauty in your every day.  But may love and laughter be with you even more so through the hard times.

I am sending you all a big hug and and squeeze and hope that your week is filled with copious amounts of awesomeness.


Thank you to everyone who's been coming out to my shows and making them so. much. freaking. fun. I JUST ADDED A NEW SHOW here in LA at Hotel Cafe June 25th.  This one has a twist to it, so come see to find out!  AW YEAH!

Here's to more shows this month and next that will push my sail boat even further into an ocean of adventure.  "Sail away, sail away sail away!" (Name this nautical song reference and I'll send you a free download and picture!  theninastorey@gmail.com

I love you all!

Love Love Love Love Live!



Me with my fans on my "Walk With Nina".  Thank you all for coming out! You guys rock!  Wait till you see where our next walk is going to be... Yay!


The band getting sweaty with me at Hotel Cafe.  That's Matt Ferrone on the right on Guitar, Brad Dickert on the drums, Nick Bearden on the Bass, Brad Lindsay on the guitar, Danielle Carter on vocals and Kenton Chen on vocals too!


Here I am with Jason Joseph singing, "Come Together" on Super Soul Monday.   Mmm that was fun!


Hey! It's Tuesday...

Hello Lovlies!


Thank you all so very very much for coming out to my CD Release show in Denver last week! What a smashingly awesome time!   Special thanks to my fantastic, amazing band and the Denver Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as well as Tony Madonna for his great performance.

It was great to get you all kazooing again and now you are officially a part of my international Kazoo Orchestra. Yeah baby! Thanks to opening act, Rachel and The Kings too for starting us off rocking.

I love Colorado so very very much and you guys are simply the best! I will be back for more shows this summer including The Cherry Creek Arts Festival on July 6th!

In the mean time, check out some pictures below from the show. We shot the whole show on HD Video, so perhaps, we'll be releasing some special footage for y'all? ....Hmmmm?! (say this while slowly twirling your mustache.)

Plus if you weren't able to attend but would like to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, there are 2 ways to do so, you can go to this site to make a donation: http://www.cff.org/Tribute/ninastorey

Or you can get a signed, limited edition print from the cover of my CD, "Think Twice" by writing to theninastorey at gmail.com! Hurry there are only a handful left of these!  They look like old school record album covers woo hoo!

This is a great organization that is helping families, and helping those living with CF live better lives every day.

Here's a link to drummer Tony Madonna's Blog as well. Check out this fantastic guy, as he has a lot to say. 

Want to know more about Cystic Fibrosis? Check out the details below :)

* The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for cystic fibrosis and to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease. We accomplish this by funding lifesaving research and working to improve access to quality care and effective therapies for people with CF.

*Through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s efforts, people with CF are living into their 30s and beyond, yet more needs to be done to help extend the lives of those with the disease.

*In 2009 alone, the CF Foundation invested over $3 million to support clinical trials, gene therapy and research fellowships at the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Regents of the University of Colorado at Denver and the Children's Hospital Association. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for CF and to improve the quality of life for people living with the disease. They accomplish this by funding lifesaving research and working to improve access to quality care and effective therapies for people with CF.

Thank you all again and have an Amazing Day!   


Love Love Love Love Live!


CD Release Show


Hi Lovlies!

Happy Tuesday!  

As you can see, I've apparently missed my calling as a high jumper.   Must be the Colorado altitude. :)

Sooo... my BIG BIG CD RELEASE SHOW in Denver for my New CD, "Think Twice" is THIS WEEK!!!   Friday April 19th at The Soiled Dove Underground it's all going down baby!

It's an ALL AGES bash with some fantastic special guests, including opener, Rachel and The Kings, so come on out and celebrate with me!

You can get your advance discount Tickets Here! 

This night is going to be so wonderful as I'm teaming up with the Colorado chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help raise funds for much needed support and research.   Don't want to wait till the concert to give to CF research?  You can donate to CFF NOW by clicking Here!

We'll also be showcasing art from some great local artists as well -including some limited edition prints by Anthony Camera, the amazing photographer who has shot 3 of my CD Covers!   


Lastly, here's a new hair style I'm trying out, and I wanted to see what you all thought about it.

Do you think the blonde looks good on me? 

Have a great day and thank you always for your tremendous love and support!

Love Love Love Love Live!


Yeah Life, Yeah Me!!

Happy Tuesday My Fair Lovlies!


Ok, here's your mantra for today, "Yay Life!  Yay Me!"    

Say that 5 times fast and I bet you'll be feeling pretty spry.

Thank you to everyone who came out to my shows this weekend in Northern Cali. You guys have amazing audience participation skillz.

I'm got some exciting guest appearances coming up as well as some MUCHO BIG SHOWS in Colorado in April!

Plus, I've partnered with the Colorado Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to make my CD Release Show at The Soiled Dove Underground on Friday April 19th a benefit. And it's ALL AGES! Whee! Get Tix Here!

We'll also be featuring local artists throughout the night. Hooray Colorado!

I'm going to be playing a University of Colorado at Colorado Springs show on April 2nd that is ALL AGES as well so if you're in that neck of the woods come on out and show me Colorado Springs. I'll be doing a "Walk With Nina meet up the day after the show!


Plus, back in LA, I'm part of an amazing night of music with dear friend and jaw dropping talent, Ernie Halter at The Hotel Cafe. We'll be singing a duet for you all that I'm so excited about I want to yelp like a little Chihuahua.

PS. If you want to donate to the Colorado Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, you can right now by going to a special page we've setup in support of the show by, clicking Here!

Have a great day and remember your mantra!   I love you!

Love Love Love Love Live,


Secret "Walk With Nina" Location... Well It's Not Secret Anymore...

Hi Lovlies!

I hope your day is kicking ass!   So for today's blog, I made a little video of the most recent "Walk With Nina" that we shot last week after my performance at The Hotel Cafe  in Hollywood, Ca.  Our secret meeting spot was the Merry-Go-Round at Griffith Park.  Here's a looksie our adventure! 


We're meeting THIS EVENING in LA at 7:30 pm at a famous and historic site!   RSVP to: theninastorey@gmail.com to find out where!  It's going to be rad, so I hope you can join me!


I've got more shows coming up in Northern Cali, and Colorado later this month and into April so stay tuned for more dates posting soon!

Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing you all tonight!

Love Love Love Love Live!


Hotel Cafe & Walking With Nina

Hi Lovlies!

Thank you all so very much for coming out to my show last night at The Hotel Cafe!   My band was kicking ass and I saw you all shaking those bootays. Watch out, we are just getting started.  

I wanted to let you all know, in case you didn't hear last night, that my "Walk With Nina"  secret meeting location is at The Merry Go Round at Griffith Park in Los Feliz! We will meet there at 2 pm! I look forward to getting to hang with you guys, enjoy our fabulous, sunny Cali climate and maybe even partake in a ride on the merry go round.  Whee!  

Check out this awesome video shot by Wendy Campbell shot at the show last night!

So if you want to come, it's FREE and ALL AGES of course, just RSVP to: theninastorey at gmail.com

In the mean time, have a great Friday, hug a friend and thank you for your amazing support always!

Love Love Love Love Live!


The Walking Presidents? (Or How I Found a Penny On the Street)


I hope you all had a marvelous weekend!  Thank you to everyone who came out to my shows in Northern Cali this weekend!  You guys know how to throw one long party!  Woop Woop!

My "Walk With Nina" kicked off this weekend as well!  What's that you say?   Well, here's the scoop:   every morning after my show, whatever city I'm in, I'm inviting fans to join me for a walk!   I want to connect with you all in a new and fun way, and so I thought sharing your company, sharing your city and getting our feet moving would be a  healthy, fun way to do that!

So thank you to everyone who rose bright and early to share this new adventure with me in Sacramento and Sonoma!  What fun!

The next, "Walk With Nina" will be Saturday morning the 23rd after my Hotel Cafe show in Los Angeles this Thursday the 21st! (I figured more peeps will be available on a Saturday!)  So come to my show, find out where our walk will be and let's get our "wog" on!

Also, more exciting news, my song, "I Wear You Well" is now being featured on the TLC show, "Say Yes To The Dress"!   So tune in to hear it and download it now on iTunes!

I've got more shows to announce soon and more videos coming your way this week so stay tuned!

Have a great day and thank you to all the Presidents for giving us one extra day of fun this weekend.  :)

Love Love Love Love Live!


Greetings From the Mile High City


Hi Lovlies!
Happy Thursday, may today bring you a Humungeous smile!

Yes, these make me smile!!

Greetings from the Mile High City of Denver!  I'm so excited to play tomorrow night at Swallow Hill with my dear friends, CO native Wendy Woo and Australian import, Katie Cole.  This show sells out every year so Get your Tix Early Here!

Then on Saturday I've got my FULL band for a Big show in Colorado Springs at Stargazers Theater and I'm thrilled to be debuting new music from my NEW CD, "Think Twice"!

Thank you to everyone who came out to my LA and Santa Cruz shows, the turnout was Ah-mazing!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! WAKA WAKA!!!


Thank you to Tess Dunn for rocking the house with me and KPIG Radio and the Santa Cruz Weekly for their cover story, you can check it out here!

We have hit the ground running and "Think Twice" is now available on iTunes, Amazon CD Baby, Spotify, Google Plus and more!!

What's that you say?  You'd like to find out...

More ways to help me make a splash with Think Twice!?!

If you're game, here's how:

1. Go to Itunes.com and download my new CD, "Think Twice".

2. Please write a review on Itunes!  Let me know what you think!

3. Share the great news and spread the word on your Facebook, Twitter and social media sites!   

4. Request it on Spotify, Pandora and CALL your local radio stations like, KPIG (I'm playing there this month!) KBCO and KCRW.     These radio stations have heavy influence and radio play makes a HUGE impact!

5. Do you blog? Do you know people who blog?  Write about it, and ask your friends to write about it.

Love Love Love Love Live!

- Nina

Happy New Year & The "Naughty" Birthday Song.. DOH!

Hi Lovlies!


How was your holiday?! Did you eat and drink and be merry more than you can shake a stick at?!  I want to first say, thank you to all of you for your tremendous support in 2012. Thank you for helping me to make my record, thank you for coming out to shows, thank you for all your well wishes and words of love and encouragement. Because of you, 2013 is going to kick ass and I'm so privileged to get to share this year and this New CD with you!!!!!!!!!

"Think Twice" comes out in just a few DAYS!!!!!!!   So I'm going to be uploading new songs, videos and treats to you here, on facebook, twitter, and very special stuff will be sent to those of you on my mailing list, so join now!

So now, now that we are so close to the floodgates being opened, please let me know what you think!  When the CD comes out on the 8th, get it that day on iTunes so we can make a mark!  Write reviews on iTunes, tell your friends to pick it up, and TOGETHER we can take the music world by storm, one note at a time.

I am wishing you and your family and friends a blessed year. Thank you for already blessing mine!

Love Love Love Love Live!

Here is a NEW Birthday song for 2013!  It's a bit naughty, so prepare. 


Pink Ear Muffs & Hot Cocoa

"California Cold. Brrrr it's like 60 degrees here!"

"California Cold. Brrrr it's like 60 degrees here!"

Happy Wednesday Lovlies!
I hope that your week is going warmly.  I'm not sure what that means but I picture pink ear muffs and hot coco. 


Ok today I'm sending you a song off my holiday CD, "Happy Music To Make You Feel Like The Holidays".  It's called, "It's Christmas Time Again".  Written by Jan Storey and Ryan Franks and me. Hopefully you'll run around doing the Snoopy dance when you hear it.

Everyone can use a few sleigh bells right about now, yeah?

So happy Wednesday.   Hug a neighbor.   I love you all.

Love Love Love Love Live!
- Nina

PS! Remember, my New CD comes out January 8th!  Tell your friends!  Come to a CD Release show!  Give the instant download at PledgeMusic.com!